Cover Reveal!

Fighting For You Cover RE-Reveal!

The highly anticipated new reveal of "Fighting for You" book TWO in the For You Series is finally here!

And I am happy to announce this stunning cover can be in your hands on.....
OCTOBER 24th!! 

So, without further ado....

Ebook Cover!


When love became too much for Danielle Hamilton, she did what she does best—she ran. Now, three months later Dani realized the mistake she made. A lot can change though, in a short amount of time and now there’s an unavoidable factor in her life that will change everything. Will Dani be able to save the only good she’s ever known? Can she fight for the love she wants—or is it just too little too late?

Corey has spent the last several months missing the only woman he’s ever wanted, but things aren’t about to get any easier. When demons from Corey’s past rise to the surface, he is put in the middle of something he thought was laid to rest. When drugs, money and an ex that wants to stir up trouble—returns to the picture—

Corey will be left fighting for his life. Will he be able to protect the only person he loves from a dangerous world she knows nothing about? Or will his past claim his life and inevitably…His heart. 

Sometimes fate has its own ideas but will that be the end for Corey and Dani? Or will their fight for love prevail?


My car slowly pulled into the parking lot and standing directly outside the bar door was Gabby, even from afar I could see she was uncomfortable.  That’s when I noticed behind her was the most amazing man I’ve ever known.  Jeans, hoodie and a beanie—everything about his appearance may seem plain but not to me.  This was perfect—he fit my fading memory of him perfectly.  Strong jaw, downright sexy body and those piercing blue eyes.  Even from afar I couldn’t miss those blues.  They were all I thought about and now, they were staring a whole straight through me.
Gabby lifted a hand and coyly waved, as if she didn’t completely blow our cover.  My heart was in my throat as I half considered turning around and speeding the hell out of this parking lot.  But I knew I couldn’t, I was so drawn to this man and his intimidating glare that I couldn’t turn away if I wanted to. 
When I stopped my car, Corey took hold of Gabby’s upper arm and led her to the passenger seat.  He opened the door for her and helped her in.  I watched in complete awe, not truly believing this was happening.  That was when he looked into my eyes and my heart melted.  I saw it there—behind that cold, hard stare was every ounce of pain and sorrow he felt.  That I caused.  I felt the air leaving my lungs as I was punched with the reality of what I did.
“Don’t you fucking dare drive away.” He scolded, before slamming Gabby’s door.  My eyes locked onto him as he stalked around the front of my car towards my side.
“I am so damn sorry, Dani!” Gabby practically pleaded with me to understand.  Although I was pissed, I’d deal with her later because right now all I could think of was Corey—my Corey—I hoped.
In a second he flung open my driver’s side door and clenched the top of it until his knuckles turned white.  He leaned in and the same scent of aftershave mixed with Corey hit me like a ton of bricks.  I wanted to grab hold of his sweatshirt and breath in the smell I missed so much.  It tickled my senses and my very-emotional-self wanted to break down and cry because of how damn much I really did miss him.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I opened my mouth to answer, but nothing came out.
“You disappear for three goddamn months and you come back and what—test me!” Unfortunately, it was the naturally defensive side of me that spoke up, not the apologetic side that should have made an appearance.
“I was not testing you, I was just…”
Corey immediately cut me off.  Steam practically billowed from his ears.
“You just what, wanted to see if I would hook up with any willing chick thrown into my face?”
“No!” I yelled back. “I just…” Okay, maybe that was exactly what I did. “Fine!  So what!  I just got back today and I wanted to know if you were back to your old ways!” 
His teeth grinded together—a rarity for Corey.
“You left me hanging, thinking everything was going to be fucking phenomenal when I woke up.  That everything was going to be fucking perfect—I finally had the only woman I’ve ever loved.  Instead I wake up to a note that broke my fucking heart.  Every single word pierced through me and left me with the aftertaste that I lost it all.  So don’t you for one second think you can come back here and start throwing tests at me!
Angry tears threatened to pour out.  The fight, the phenomenal sex, and that note.  It all came rushing back to me and I felt the air once again being knocked from my lungs.  I couldn’t be here anymore—I needed to go home.   Every harsh breath I took was filled with Corey’s scent and it made this situation that much worse. 
Before I could say anything, he leaned in even closer and spoke again.
“And for your information—no—I don’t fuck any random chick that walks into my bar.  Want to know why?” It was clearly a rhetorical question since he gave me no chance to respond.
“Because I am foolish in love with this crazy woman who won’t stop running from me.  I couldn’t forget her even if I tried and she’s the only one I want to be with.  But she is too damn stubborn to let that shit happen.”
I don’t think I’ve ever been at such a loss for words as I was now.  By some cosmic miracle—Corey still loved me—but I was still hurting him.  I needed to do everything possible to rectify the situation before it was too late.  Sadly though, I could hardly form a thought, let alone a sentence.  My mouth hung open like a dead fish as I stared at the man I loved.
“Get your ass home, its cold as hell.  You’re going to get sick if you keep driving around like a maniac.” Corey’s tone softened ever so slightly letting me hear the voice of the man I left behind.
“Okay.” I whispered out.
Corey sighed, the smell of mint brushed against my face.  My eyes closed for a moment to hold in the smell—Lord—I was so pathetic.  I opened my eyes in time to see him pull his beanie off his head.
“Wear a hat from now on.  You don’t want to catch cold.” He said, as he adjusted the hat over my head.  Pulling it down enough to cover my ears. 
We were inches apart and I wanted nothing more than to lean my lips into his—the way I used to so carelessly only months before.  But I didn’t.  Instead Corey backed away and took with him the warmth I craved from only him.
“Thank you.” I answered, my eyes locked on his.  Willing him to see into the inner workings of my mind.  To hear everything I couldn’t say at this moment.
Corey went to shut the door, stopped, and looked down at me.
“I’m glad you’re back.” With that he shut the door and returned inside the bar.  Leaving me as a ticking time bomb—ready to break down at the slightest movement.  

*VERY Special Thanks!*

First and foremost... I need to give a HUGE Thank YOU to
Jase Dean!

Jase has been my *muse* for Corey Preston from Day ONE. Before I even knew who Jase really was, or what I wanted Fool For You to become!  

Since the first moment I asked Jase if he would be interested in doing something for the cover... He was SO IN! Jase truly captured the role of Corey and shot an *EXCLUSIVE* shoot to bring all of you something so amazing!! 

So Jase some muchhh deserved love on his facebook page... Team DEAN! And follow this goofy, sweet and come on... SEXY man on twitter.. @TheJaseDean 

Show him some love! Tell him how amazing that cover is!!  And thank him for going that extra mile to bring you something very special! 

*Second Thanks*

As talented as Mister Dean is, he didn't take the photos on his own. So my next THANKS goes to the incredibly talented photographer Claudio Harris!! 

He takes professional photos of not just Jase but many of the sexy studs we women love to look at! 
But his photos are far more than just pictures. They are beautiful and deep showing endless amounts of emotion! 

If you are a cover designer or an author looking for someone great to work with, Claudio is your man! He will deliver what you want at a very reasonable rate!

Follow Claudio on Facebook... Click HERE! And on his twitter account... @ClaudioHarris_

Don't forget to show Claudio some love and thank him as well for agreeing to work with Jase and I! 

*Last but NOT Least*

This phenomenal cover wasn't designed by me, like Fool For You was! When I saw the fantastic photos that seriously blew me away... I *KNEW* I needed the best!

Therefore, my final Thanks today goes to the absolutely and fabulously talented KARI of K23 DESIGN!! 

You may know her from the fabulous blog, A Book Whore's Obsession working alongside the wonderful Cara to bring you teasers, recommendations and a whole lot of eye candy! 

Kari is also officially designing book covers and I don't even think I need to say how good she is... I mean just scroll back up and look at this cover.. She took everything in my head and turned it into pure magic! 

She sent me endless samples and when I took one thing from each sample that I liked, she didn't stop until I couldn't turn away from the creation! 

So if you are looking for a cover designer Kari has some of *thee* best prices I have seen and she will not stop until you are completely in love!

So please go check out Kari's Facebook page and give that amazing woman a *round of applause* for her tremendous work! 

Facebook Page... K23 Design!


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